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Hostel am Flußbad


Hostel am Flußbad

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In the 1990’s, a citizens’ action group founded the Flussbad Communications Centre in the Gartenstrasse on the edge of the historic Fischer area in Köpenick. This was on the banks of the Dahme and the work was done with the help of the Berlin Society for the preservation of historic buildings and monuments. The river swimming pool was over a hundred years old and had been closed for years because of its terrible condition. It could now be opened again with hire boats, a landing stage and a sand beach. The “Hostel am Flussbad” and the “Krokodil” restaurant have been developed from a former boathouse and the pool’s original changing rooms. The latter is also a venue for live music. The hostel has 44 beds in two double rooms and several dormitories, all at the individual price of 30 DM with reduced rates for groups. There is also a well equipped conference room. In the semi-circular pavilion of the restaurant and cafe and on the terrace, one sits directly above the river and the beach which can be reached by going down a wide wooden staircase. In summer, there are a few tables where one can sit right on the water. It would be difficult to find another place in Berlin where urban facilities and the beauty of nature combine in such a lively manner.

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