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From 1912-16, the industrialist Franz Körner designed a walled, architectural garden on the site of a former gravel pit. This is one of the most beautiful parks in Berlin. Surrounded by Jonas, Schierker, Wittmansdorfer and Selkestrasse, a flight of stairs with decorated balustrades leads down to the park which is 5-7 metres below street level. The west side is characterized by an orangery with a large terrace which was built with a view over the garden. Staircases were constructed at each side. In the centre is a lawn, enclosed by narrow channels of water and by avenues of plane trees. The eastern side of the park is dominated by a waterfall and a fountain, which unfortunately have not been working since 1994, as there is not enough money to maintain them. The grounds are shaded by numerous old trees. Under the north wall of the arcade, hidden behind carefully-trimmed hedges is a tranquil and richly ornamental flower garden. The Neukölln Department of Culture is in charge of a lively art gallery and a café in the orangery and since the mid 80’s, has used the terrace as a stage for the annual week of its “Summer in the Park” concerts. The upmarket events in Körnerpark have become important dates in the Berlin cultural calendar, far beyond the confines of Neukölln itself. Entrance is free.




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